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Finally, I do my final class project is finished. I am a dummy! 
But I will was student internship in for final class too (again). I think I've fainted. 

I don't sure do art trade. :( (Sad) 
But okay, I'll try it.


Art Trade*Part 2*[Update]

Not yet = No StarNo StarNo Star
Sketch & Line = Star!No StarNo Star  
Coloring & Do other detale = Star!Star!No Star  
Finish = Star!Star!Star!

1. :iconsmithandcompanytoons: :iconsaysplz: Mantu having fun with Bubbles at the beach Star!Star!Star! Bubbles n' Mantu: On the Beach by Porn1315
2. :iconashturtle: :iconsaysplz: Leo x Ashley (Her OC) Star!Star!Star! Leo n' Ashley by Porn1315
3. :iconmasterghostunlimited: :iconsaysplz: Abagail n' Candace getting there clothe switched Star!Star!Star! Abby meet Candace: Switch Clothe by Porn1315
4. :iconyuriihime: :iconsaysplz: one of her OC Star!Star!Star! Katja Gottlieb the Nun by Porn1315
5. :iconmikasuzma: :iconsaysplz: Jackie n' Mary (Her OC) Star!Star!Star! Opposites Sisters by Porn1315
6. :icontellywebtoons: :iconsaysplz: Blossom n' /or Kuki as belly dancers Star!Star!Star! Arabia Dancer: Blossom n' Kuki by Porn1315
7. :icondavontewagner: :iconsaysplz: Billy, Rachel, Chan, Jacklyn n' Kooler (His OC) KND style Star!Star!Star! KND Style: Davontew1's OC by Porn1315
8. :iconskypiratedash: :iconsaysplz: Darkwing fighting Darkwarrior got Gosalyn captured Star!Star!Star! DW: Took my daughter back! by Porn1315
9. :iconmetaknightgirl13: :iconsaysplz: Konny (Her OC) Star!No StarNo Star
10. :iconnatsulovely: :iconsaysplz: Two her OC brofisting or high fiving --->… Star!Star!Star! High Five by Porn1315
11. :iconchameleoncove: :iconsaysplz: Team Umizoomi and Door Mouse Star!No StarNo Star
12. :iconastrothebandifox: :iconsaysplz: Bia (Sony-Mae's OC) smile at Rev n' Bryan (His OC) sleep n' hug like a brother Star!No StarNo Star
13. :iconszemi: :iconsaysplz: Rowdyrunk Boys Old or New Star!Star!Star! The Rowdyrunk Boys by Porn1315
14. :iconflame-dragon: :iconsaysplz: Numbuh55,Davineas And Davabella (His OCs) Star!Star!Star! The Flamerson by Porn1315
15. :iconkhgirl324: :iconsaysplz: Kira (Her OC) with the Guardians from RotG Star!No StarNo Star
16. :iconsmithandcompanytoons: :iconsaysplz: Bubbles n' Cybrus (His OC) at the beach Star!Star!Star! Bubbles n' Cybrus: You should used sunblock by Porn1315
17. :iconbunnehluver: :iconsaysplz: Eric n' James (Her OC) No StarNo StarNo Star
18. :icontellywebtoons: :iconsaysplz: Gadget Hackwrench as a belly dancer Star!No StarNo Star
:iconmanticorewarrior21: :iconsaysplz: Some her OC… Star!No StarNo Star
20. :iconashiori-chan: 
:iconsaysplz: Arsene n' Ev (Her OC) Star!No StarNo Star


Art Trade *Part 3*

***I'll do your Art Trade at very late. I'm sorry. :iconrelievedplz:

1. :iconsmithandcompanytoons: :iconsaysplz: Bubbles and Mantu having a water fight in the summer garden No StarNo StarNo Star
2. :iconmochlron: :iconsaysplz: One of Her OC Star!No StarNo Star
3. :iconluthien-black: :iconsaysplz: Wreck-It Ralph x Kaline (Her OC) Star!No StarNo Star
4. :iconpaintwick: :iconsaysplz: Muffin with/or This Animal with/or This Bird with/or Her OC Star!Star!Star! This is my Friend by Porn1315
5. :iconmerifren: :iconsaysplz: Toma x Fimi (Her OC) No StarNo StarNo Star
6. :icontheidealmistress: :iconsaysplz: Tony x Typhoon (Her OC) No StarNo StarNo Star
7. :iconskypiratedash: :iconsaysplz: Darkwing with Gosalyn as Quiverwing swinging on ropes together No StarNo StarNo Star
8.  :iconcrossover-lover56: :iconsaysplz: This No StarNo StarNo Star

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Patimaporn Daradas
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Bangkok,Thailand
Favourite genre of music: Pop,Dance,R&B
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
Favourite cartoon character: KND,Hetalia


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Phantima Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
nice un lol XD
Kova360 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015   Digital Artist
Porn1315 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Err.., Hi. Sweating a little... 
Kova360 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015   Digital Artist
R u ok?
Porn1315 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm still okay 
I just tried doing my project for final class in university. =A=;
It's made me had no time update my artwork. ^^;
(1 Reply)
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
If you decide to do a KND/Team Fortress crossover, who would be a class?

Hoagie is Engineer obviously
Porn1315 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had quite idea about KND/TF2 too.
But I had problem with choose class fit a character.

Hoagie was Engineer.
Of course, Engineer remind me of Hoagie. They're look like lot. (Them look n' them ability.)
Hoagie was inventor (or Engineer) of Sector V.
Engineer was inventor of RED or/and BLU Team too.

My think about class in Sector V

Nigel was Soldier
Because, Soldier's rocket jump skill remind me of Nigel's rocket shoe.

Abigail was Spy
Of course, both are France.
Abby was Spy of Sector V.

Wallabee was Sniper
Both Australian
Wally is pure Aussie.
Sniper is Aussie (nationality raised accent) / *Kiwi (nationality pure born)

*Yes, He's New Zealander. [Because, I just read TF2 least web comic when month ago. (Oh Great, I don't want spoil it.)]. But he was raised by Mundy Family. (raised by aussie family.)
I had shocked about this too.
Okay, maybe Sniper was New Zealander, but he's still Australian (in my think n' any Sniper fan) from raised by his adopted aussie family. It's made him look like he's pure born aussie.

I can't choose she was Pyro or Medic?
Because, she had mixed 2 class in 1 person.
1. She's like seen bright side in everytime n' everything as rainbow in sometime like Pyro.
2. She's Medical of Sector V and she's had bit crazy/insane in sometime like Medic.
But I choose Kuki was Medic.


I had one problem is
Who is in RED team? n' 
Who is in BLU team?
Because, they're had them color code. (It's made me hard.)


Other character n' 
Villain character in class?


If you had good idea, Don't forget reply.
I'll wait you.
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
Kuki is better as the Medic.

Fanny is Demogirl

Who should be H3avy, Pyro, and Scout?

The KND can be RED while the bad guys are BLU.

The DCFDTL can be RED's counterparts.

Or Cree can be the BLU spy.

Father is Merasmus
Porn1315 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Fanny was Demogirl (Demoman)
Yes, Both are United Kingdom peoples. (Fanny is Irish n' Demoman is Scottish)

My think, Sonya should is better was Pyro. (I don't know why.)
Maybe, Both look scary when them angry. (I don't sure)

Lee was Scout
Okay, maybe he's not cocky n' fast guy like Scout. 
But at least, both youngest of team (Scout is youngest of RED and/or BLU team. Lee is the newbie of KND.)

Heavy...I HAD NO IDEA!!! DX
Are you had good idea?!


I had idea other character in class
Fact, I choose 1 class/1 person/1 team. But some KND character look alike and fit in class like...

Patton was No.2 Soldier (Nigel was No.1 Soldier)
Because, he's look like Soldier lot. (but not crazy or stupid like him.)

Ace or The Kid was No.2 Sniper (Wally was No.1 Sniper)
Because, his look n' act like Sniper in sometime. (Yes, both look cool guy/kid for me)

for other characters...
Comment, please. (If you had great idea.)


Hmm...KND operatives was RED n' Villains was BLU?
It's interesting idea.

DCFDTL in RED team? Why?


Villains in class

Cree was BLU!Spy
Of course!

StickyBeard was BLU!Demoman
Because, Demoman's cosmetic had pirate costume and both had eye patch too.

for other 
Villains in class...
I'll reply again. If I had good idea.

Comment, please again. (If you had great idea about other villains in class.)
(1 Reply)
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